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How Australia Worked to Achieve the Current System of Child Protection.

I was wondering today about people with a low IQ, Asperger’s, Autism Spectrum, other such things now classed as Special Needs and Disability Sector.

I picked up on “we know what is best, we will tell them what to do” and “mainstream values are the only values”.

There will always be an underprivileged minority with lots of reasons why it exists. So, how will these people be able to house, feed and clothe themselves if the safety net is taken away? Meanwhile we look at how other countries exist and tut tut about their politics as we send out humanitarian aid.

As far as politics goes, it is a sham now, where are the great leaders of the past?

Gough Whitlam created welfare policies to protect the vulnerable in Australia, particularly women.

Gough Whitlam created welfare policies to protect the vulnerable in Australia, particularly women.

What is this country producing as leadership for us mere commoners to follow?

This is a reflection on our education system and how our children are being taught and treated in Australian schools.

Bullies in parliament and in the schools, common decency seems like some long ago idealist quirk.

Now it is the individualism of self that is central to existance. The great “I AM”.

I was thinking about Emily’s List and the past ideas promoted as Feminism because I saw Germain Greer on the Today Show and when asked what she thought about the Prime Minister she said she had bad taste in clothes particularly her jackets. I found this very distasteful and unhelpful to any woman.

Germaine Greer is an Australian theorist, academic and journalist, and is regarded as having been a major feminist voice of the mid-20th century.

Germaine Greer is an Australian theorist, academic and journalist, and is regarded as having been a major feminist voice of the mid-20th century.

I thought, my God, she is one of the founding mothers of Feminism, and all she thinks of the PM is about her clothes yet women are living the way they are now because of people like her.

People trying to be superwomen/supermum/super I am, just like the women hosting shows such as Today and having grown up under the auspices of people like Ita Buttrose. There are many very public faces who do not speak about the issues facing women today.

Then I thought about how Feminism was meant to be about women having a choice to experience what men can do and receive what men get paid, we can run further back in time and talk about women achieving the vote or even wearing pants.

Feminism as a political movement is established as giving women equal rights to what men have always had but is it still a place of support for all women these days?

I see that Feminism in its current state has aided ideologies that destroy the whole idea of family and create an exhausted society. Choice is no longer an option for women as they have to work or have a career to be considered a Feminist.

Feminism leaves some women like me homeless, but modern Feminists don’t seem to care, they don’t care that some womens families are destroyed, because of the ideas that rotate around thoughts such as, we are and you aren’t, and that it’s your own fault, these attitudes now exist because we are free to vote and wear what we like these days.

These ideas exist because of working women existing in the marketplace and a willingness to do jobs that impact on other females as ideas such as being a stay home mother and supporting other women in need, fade away into history.

I have to say that victims do exist, it’s very nice to say “bad luck for you, now being a victim is your fault, you pull yourself up, we don’t care who or what or why” the fact is when you’ve been pushed down repeatedly then a government do it to you too, it is soul destroying.

It is easier at 20 years old to wipe yourself off than it is at 50 but it is always hard when there is no one there to turn to.

Although this country is making it harder for people to live, chuck in some trauma and it’s a recipe for disaster.

There are many women in the productive child bearing years who have fallen through the Feminist Political System cracks, to have lives that are now seen as a danger to their children, by the women working in the Child Protection Industry.

These women are looked down on by other women because of reasons such as lack of opportunity, poverty, domestic violence, and mental health diagnosis based on historic incidents in their pasts.

Unfortunately, we are also dealing with racism and that is an issue that Australian people do not like to talk about, because it is much easier to blame the victims.

It seems that Australian’s will talk about racism outside of Australia, but when it comes to our own people it is easier to make jokes about them, or sit in judgement of the actual people, than to really take any action that might help people as individuals.

It is common to hear how they get everything and it is their own fault if they don’t take advantage of the opportunities they get, because they get more than us as white people. You can see comments like these all over Facebook pages.

Yes, they do, First Nations Australian Children are being removed at higher rates than other Australian Children in 2015. They get more removals than any other culture in Australia.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Religions are practicing female circumcision and marrying off children to grown men and we are failing these children who have been brought to live safely in Australian society.

We are so busy protecting Indigenous children from their families that we let a few white children die unnoticed whilst they are in “The Care of the Minister” and we let Muslims ship their children off overseas to get circumcised and married to grown men. Meanwhile, another group of children sits in detention because they were brought illegally to Australia, because their parents too asked our government for some help.

The Grandmothers Protesting Against The Removal of Their Children.

The Grandmothers Protesting Against The Removal of Their Children.

The children around Australia are being removed from their mothers by groups of women who see themselves as knowing what is best for the lives of other people’s children and they rely on anonymous reports, some of which come through mandatory reporting and others which come from vindictive people and gossip.

These two forms of anonymous reporting can interact depending on who knows who, and or, who informs who about a targeted mother.

In this instance the very principles of Feminism have changed to the point of failing these targeted women.

These are issues that the faces of Feminism do not seem to acknowledge exist as women’s issues. One has to wonder then where such women exist politically? Who takes responsibility for the abused and mentally ill mothers of loss?

Are these women now Fringe Dwellers of our society and political systems?

Feminism as it currently exists, has become a part of the whole Department of Community Services existence.

Keeping people employed, the economic revolution, and a modern Working Women’s Feminist Movement, is the basic ideology behind the removal of children from those seen as lesser individuals or unfit parents to the social worker at State Government Agencies such as the NSW Department of Family and Community Services or NSW FaCS, previously known as the NSW Department of Community Services or NSW DoCS.

These agencies work together with Non Government Agencies or NGO’s to create reports that are used in sworn affidavits in court rooms around the country on a daily basis, to remove children from the care of their parents into “The Care of the Minister” under “The Best Interests of the Child” laws using “Care Plans”.

I really think that our children should get to come first, why would you have a child if you did not want to look after them and why can’t we live in a society that supports mothers to stay home with the kids anymore?

The Feminist Movement was meant to be about greater choices for women in society as a whole, but it is not looking like women have much choice, however they can now choose abortions. The shock value in that is society seeing pregnancy and parenting in this very way.

It tends to be that pregnancy and children are consumer options and if you can’t afford it then you shouldn’t do it. Somehow, every other situation is deemed inappropriate and your own fault, by such comments.

I am concerned at the abandonment a child would feel at being left in childcare for most of their young life.

I see a world full of attachment disorder and a detachment in our society from the family, causing a community of people who are unable to feel for others because those who were meant to be there in the beginning were not there for them when they were in infancy and merely became busy weekend parents.

In co existence drugs and alcohol become very real problems in an out of control, disrespectful community, lacking in parental rights, with state agencies ever ready to remove children from their homes and create life long rifts within familial units. Such threats are carried out on bewildered parents daily in Australia.

Exhaustion seems rampant in this modern Feminist society as both parents work to afford such luxuries as a place to live in our growing country and decent food for the table. Alcoholism is a by product of such exhaustion and becoming more apparent as a reason for child removals.

I also think that Feminism has caused a problem in how men think about females, it’s effected our values on both sides, and not in the way it was intended to do. I think equality was once the point of it. I think the outcome has turned to a position that is, at times, extremely detrimental to both women and men, equality has also meant that women now drink as much as men.

It is also clear that many modern working women have become abusive to other females who are not in a position to defend themselves.

It is clear that these women will go to extreme lengths to defend their rights to maintain their positions of power over other women by using their own children against them through removals.

At times a mother of loss would have already experienced these same tactics whilst in domestic violence situations. The women who do this work at the top of the ministry often go on to great political power.

Charities have been the great abusers of the past on our countries children.

Charities have been the great abusers of the past on our countries children.

The Honourable Linda Burney MP has gone from the Child Protection portfolio to become the Deputy Leader of Labour in NSW Parliament, she is thought to be the best person to lead the NSW Labor Party by many, and she continues to be the Shadow Minister for Family and Community Services for Labor.

By extreme lengths I can say honestly that Child Protection Industry Caseworkers, produce affidavits for courts that misrepresent women and blatantly lie about situations that have brought them to the attention of agencies like the NSW Department of Family and Community Services (FaCS) previously known as DoCS and a multitude of similar  agencies around Australia and indeed throughout the Western World.

Gabrielle Cecelia Upton MP (born 16 December 1964), an Australian politician, is the New South Wales Minister for Family and Community Services in the Baird government since April 2014;[1] and a member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly representing Vaucluse for the Liberal Party of Australia since 2011. Upton was the Minister for Sport and Recreation between 2013 and 2014

Gabrielle Cecelia Upton MP (born 16 December 1964), an Australian politician, is the New South Wales Minister for Family and Community Services in the Baird government since April 2014;[1] and a member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly representing Vaucluse for the Liberal Party of Australia since 2011. Upton was the Minister for Sport and Recreation between 2013 and 2014

I am not advocating for the dark ages, I like the idea of working women, but I have to ask why did women get told to speak up about domestic violence and then get more abuse for doing so? Do the services exist as a perpetual cycle to help themselves or women?

If we were helping women then surely the rates of removals would be decreasing, rather than what we are seeing which is an increase in removals. We would possibly see an improvement in mental health and a decrease in the services needed to deal with the fallout from family violence, including within the court systems. We may even see a changing dynamic within the social housing communities which incidentally falls into the NSW FaCS portfolio for 2015.

Was it a better result for a woman to get hit in the head and keep her child, than to leave domestic violence, speak up, loose her career, her friends, her family, and then have no secure housing, and finally get kicked in the teeth to then have NSW Family and Community Services, previously known as the NSW Department of Community Services take her kids?

Did the woman of loss, not earn enough money to set herself up, therefore putting herself and her children at fault, or should she be shamed for breeding children in the first place by a NSW State Government Public Servant.

Is the discussion about whether the mother should have had sex, or a resultant child? How politically correct is it to state in an affidavit, “that the mother should never have been allowed to have children, and the department should have removed the children at birth”? How does a community develop ideas such as these?

Is it ever about the fathers not taking any responsibility and lying about their behaviour towards women?

I sometimes think that Feminism lost the plot and maybe even became the NSW Department of Family and Community Services and it seems very clear that a political agenda is at play to work against some existing and very vulnerable people in great need.

I think this is very anti social and that the targeted agenda is Gough Whitlam’s social inclusion policies, as economic policy fails to include everyone who needs to work but then states that welfare spending is out of control and needs to be addressed. It could be addressed by looking at the problems governments themselves create by the ugly systems of abuse they generate to maintain government jobs.

Interestingly, it has been the Federal Labor Feminist leaders who have pushed the Child Protection Industry agenda started by the Howard Liberal Government.

Women in great power are responsible for the ongoing stolen generations and the neglect of family rights Australia wide.

Women in great power are responsible for the ongoing stolen generations and the neglect of family rights Australia wide.

These reforms began with the Aboriginal Communities in the Northern Territory, as the news media pushed out stories showing us raging alcoholism and child sexual assaults on First Nations Children in Australia.

Feminism may have been working for the previous PM, Julia Gillard but it hasn’t worked for all of us as women.

While Prime Minister Gillard introduced the Royal Commission into Sexual Abuse of Children in Institutions, the Royal Commission does not fully realise the abuse of children by the NSW Department of Family and Community Services, or that the department is an institution itself.

Julia Gillard previously Prime Minister for Australia, introduced the Royal Commission into the Sexual Abuse of Children in Australian Institutions

Julia Gillard previously Prime Minister for Australia, introduced the Royal Commission into the Sexual Abuse of Children in Australian Institutions

Getting any recognition of the failures of these agencies around Australia and the abuse children are suffering in “The Care of the Minister” because of the behaviour within these listed corporations is very difficult.

I think compassion is one of the things that has gone out with the advent of Feminism. I don’t see equality in this country at all.

Malcom Fraser has become a retired political leader showing humanitarian ideology and I always find he is right on target these days with what I too feel about these issues, and he is willing to speak out. Unlike many others.

I don’t see the Feminist Army advocating for the underprivileged, or for more low income housing or for families to stay together.

I don’t see them helping young single mums out of poor situations anymore, or real outcomes for women experiencing domestic violence to get their lives back together.

I don’t see them fighting for women’s refuges (I am updating this from something I previously wrote and we saw what Tony Abbott, the PM and Minister for women, did with the women’s refuges funding for 2015).

I see funding models and NGO’s, I see women helping themselves to maintain their own jobs in a variety of sectors funded by the Federal and State Governments, at the expence of women in great need of practical help with such things as safe, affordable, stable housing to bring up their children.

I see a need for changes within that provide funds to make sure that women and children leaving domestic violence or without support are given practical help and shown how to get out of poverty and into real jobs that support them, but not at the expense of other women.

I think Jenny Macklin is a terrorist for many families pushing her agenda. In my life, it was Linda Burnie who has had no moral compass regarding my “journey” and that terrorised my life while she was also the Minister for Women in 2009.

Both are pushing the new mandate to remove children and reach protection targets that help to keep their jobs and maintain their roles in Public Office. There are many more Feminists like them and others waiting in the wings.

As one of the women who has missed the boat of financial independence, and a secure home base for my children, and because I was a stay at home mother, who later went on to experience domestic abuse which I had to leave, our countries way of life and the loss of community ideals gives me great concern.

Like many other mothers out there, don’t know what will happen to us, as we age out of a system that failed our families.

Many women are unable to put their lives back into place and have become disabled from the actions of the NSW Department of Community Services (DoCS) and currently the NSW Department of Family and Community Services (FaCS) is still creating future mothers of loss.

I am scared of these State and Federal Public Services.

I have worked, I have given my all to my children and partners, I have studied, I’m not an addict but I also became a disabled victim and part of the disadvantaged minority that lives in our country because I lost two of my children to the department.

I have tried to get over my problems and my loss, to be a better human being, but still along came the government into my life, with a mandate to keep their own jobs at the expense of another persons future and that of four children. The damage was accomplished much to the happiness of my ex partner and his new wife.

Having just watched the Hunger Games I realise I am still in trauma, because the people in that reminded me of our politicians, they don’t care about children either. That movie left me in shock. (As I said I wrote this a while back, and nothing has changed except Catching Fire, the sequel of Hunger Games came out, and 3 years have passed).

Perhaps Tony Abbot should talk to Malcolm Fraser, if Julia Gillard can pull in Bob Carr (what a joke/regional Australia will prosper so move to the country) perhaps Tony can consult as well, at least then the Koories wouldn’t be spoiling the ministers luncheon as Malcolm Fraser would probably go have a picnic on the lawn with them these days.

Just joking, but I would like to see a more humanitarian approach by our leaders before it is too late.

( Yes, Tony Abbott came into power and he locked up the children in refuge camps, where they got sexually assaulted. He also worked with Debra Lee Furness to bring back Forced Adoption Policies, some things did therefore change, only it was not humanitarian at all).

 Malcolm Fraser On The Northern Territory Intervention Of Aboriginal Communities.

Former Liberal prime minister Malcolm Fraser has attacked the federal government’s consultation process with Aboriginal communities over plans to extend the NT intervention, saying Australia is “light-years” behind on indigenous policy.

Malcolm Fraser

Malcolm Fraser former Federal Liberal Leader


Mr Fraser also called on the Labor government to scrap the proposed next phase of the intervention, which will last 10 years, arguing it ignores the wishes of Aboriginal people.

The government’s Stronger Futures legislation, which extends the former Howard coalition government’s NT intervention begun in 2007, passed the lower house on the day of Labor leadership ballot.

A Senate inquiry is scrutinising the draft laws, which propose alcohol restrictions and a controversial program that cuts the welfare payments of parents whose kids skip school, known as the student enrolment and attendance measure (SEAM).

The inquiry is due to release its report next Tuesday, after conducting a round of hearings with communities and indigenous leaders, many of whom who told the committee the consultation process was flawed.

“I think 30 years ago we were ahead of Canada, America and perhaps New Zealand on some aspects of indigenous policy,” Mr Fraser told AAP.

“We are light years behind now … it’s the single greatest failing.”

Mr Fraser said Canberra-based officials appeared not to have the capacity to “talk to Aboriginal people with respect or treat them as equals” when visiting remote communities.

“It’s the saddest thing that in 2012 the Australian government has not learnt to communicate on a reasonable basis with its indigenous people,” he said.

“Their attitude is `We know best, they’ll do what we tell them to do”.

The University of Technology Sydney’s Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning on Thursday night released a critical assessment of the NT consultations, entitled “Listening but not Hearing.”

The centre filmed 10 community consultations and released the transcripts. The Department of Indigenous Affairs has declined to release its own transcripts.

Mr Fraser, who spoke at the Jumbunna report launch in Melbourne, said the consultations were rushed and accused the government of a lack of cooperation with communities.

“They must remember they are not the masters of Aboriginal people, they are meant to serve the Aboriginal people and the rest of the Australian community,” he said.

Mr Fraser said the government had not sought input from indigenous people about how the consultations should be run and in many cases the meetings clashed with local events.

As well, Mr Fraser argued there was a lack of hard evidence the NT intervention, aimed at addressing violence and alcohol in communities, was delivering on its goals.

He said school truancy could be better tackled by making the curriculum more relevant to indigenous children and by bringing back bilingual classes.

“In Aboriginal communities, a teacher might fly in for one day a week or one day a fortnight,” he said.

“If that was happening to a white community … it would bring the house down.”

The Jumbunna report gives the Gillard government a fail mark – of 26 per cent – for the Stronger Futures pre-consultation, consultation and post-consultation phases.

It said the consultations “focused on dysfunction and despair, characterising Aboriginal people as the authors of their own misfortune”.

“They ignored successful community led initiatives and identified only mainstream values as the basis of a stronger future,” it added.

“Consultations should allow the affected indigenous people to genuinely influence the decision-making processes rather than be a tokenistic mechanism for providing affected people with information about decisions already made.”

It also said documents intended to guide discussion were not translated into Aboriginal languages and were handed out at short notice.

The Department of Indigenous Affairs and its minister Jenny Macklin have vigorously defended the consultation process, describing the 100 meetings as “unprecedented”.

By Lisa Martin, 8th February 2012

Malcolm Fraser The New Radical