Keeping Up With The NSW Election Campaign

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The Major Issues On The Far North Coast – The Campaign Trail NSW Election 2015

I always take a great deal of interest in both the State and Federal elections, even though there are times when I truly think why should I vote and that off course, has caused me to give up and not go and vote a few times for which I then was fined.

Let’s be frank and all realise that the most important issue now is the environment, specifically, that the country maintains or attempts to achieve, in some cases a fresh water supply because many of our catchments in Australia are indeed in terrible condition.

The most important issue we face is fracking, and as the public becomes more aware about the dangerous involved in this activity and puts pressure on the political parties we are seeing a simple approach being taken by all three of the major players in the NSW election.

  1. What NSW Labor is saying, is that, they will have a blanket ban until the science is further explored, so that doesn’t mean that the ban on Coal Seam Gas through Labor, will continue, if the science improves in some way then they could change their minds to frack for CSG.
  2.  What NSW Liberals are saying is that it is full steam ahead with Coal Seam Gas mining, and every man for himself.
  3. The NSW Greens say no to Coal Seam Gas and will have a complete and holding ban on the CSG industry.

Luke Foley The NSW Labor Party

Today Luke Foley the NSW Labor Leader was up on the North Coast taking a tour and supporting his candidates, Labor Candidates Ron Goodman (Tweed), Isaac Smith (Lismore) and Paul Spooner (Ballina) and listening to local farmers, with Walt Secord .

“Today we met with Phil, a farmer in Myocum, one of many Northern Rivers residents worried about how CSG will impact the land and water. Labor has listened to the concerns of communities – we will ban all CSG activities in the Northern Rivers.
Luke Foley NSW Labor Leader 2015

Luke Foley on the NSW North Coast 5th of March 2015. Looking at the face of the Coal Seam Gas issues.

Speaking With Labor Candidates Today On Facebook

Labor will BAN CSG mining on the North Coast.
Coal Seam Gas has the potential to destroy soil and poison our water supply. Despite these high stakes – CSG mining has been expanding at a growing speed across NSW. It’s time we put the brakes on CSG in NSW.Let us know if you’re on board at

Kathleen O’Brien When you say ban it does that mean for good? What about all those new six year leases for the area including Lismore?

I am interested in other things too, but this is by far the most important issue, the Nationals want to have CSG in Lismore and surrounds and Thomas George after a 50 year National stronghold is going to be ousted here.

Water is our most precious resource. It is that simple.

Lismore is going to be Green for sure, as people realise the Nationals have not done a thing here.

The library for example, and lack of computer space or even seating, for example is an issue, on a recent visit the library was packed and not such a great place to study. If you have nothing at home or problems at home where can you go to find a study nook, if you can’t even get that in a library?

I heard it is bigger and better than the last space they had. Obviously then something bigger and more modern is needed. Grafton just got a new library, where’s Lismore’s?

Also some of us don’t even have tv coverage because there is no reception here, why is that? I got coverage in the middle of nowhere at Cowper and here I can’t even get a channel.

And there are things like having a phone connected to the house which doesn’t exist for some people, so they can’t even have a decent internet connection in the home because they have no phone line. Why is that here? And why won’t Telstra service the broke phone connection hole in the street?

I am just flabbergasted and don’t know how to get things done in the area.

Very backward indeed.

I mean Lismore has an amazing arts population and the art gallery couldn’t even fit the Archibald Prize Collection Tour inside, why is nothing funded here?

The population is not small and the cities of Brisbane and Sydney are crowded so people generate her for the healthy lifestyle.

Lismore is a university town, the head quarters of Southern Cross University, it’s not a remote two horse town.

Thomas George has done nothing for the people of Lismore, you can’t even park for free to go to hospital if you are sick!

I am new here and I have been in a few places in life, I would think a progressive understanding place like Lismore would have more spaces for the public interest and definitely more to offer from the TAFE system.

I have to know where is all that government tax payer money going? What is being funded in our country?

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  • Paul Spooner Great questions Kathleen O’Brien. In regards to CSG the ban is for good. For all your questions on Lismore I suggest you talk to Isaac Smith who is standing for Labor in that seat.
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    Isaac Smith You have hit the nail on the head there Kathleen. The Nationals have done nothing for us. I think we were all glad when the previous Labor govt was removed as it was overdue and they were part of the problem. But now after 4 year of the National party support for CSG we are faced with a region wide disaster.Labor want to put all the money back into TAFE and Hospitals and we will stop CSG. It’s time we were not neglected by Sydney and the CSG ban is proof that they are listening to local Labor members.
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The Greens Have Been Protesting Against CSG From The Beginning

Adam Guise for the Greens responded today to the following suggestion by ABC polling guru, Antony Green, that the “State seat of Lismore is going to be a three-way contest”.”We all know that CSG is one of the issues that separates us from our competitors. It’s a huge one locally, as it should be. We were the party on the ground right from the start, working with the other groups at the Bentley Blockade”. he stated.

Bentley Blockade 2014

Bentley Blockade 2014

Mr Guise made reference to the current sitting National Party member Thomas George  “The sitting Member didn’t show his face, and the Labor candidate came to visit a few times. His Party only realised the political importance of the Bentley Blockade when it became a hot political potato. That’s when they changed their policy, but even then not decisively. The Greens have never wavered in their opposition to coal seam gas mining. We’ve never done the hokey pokey and put the left foot in and then the right foot”. Adam Guise responded.

The Greens Lismore Adam Guise

Adam Guise The Greens Lismore

Furthermore he went on to suggest to punters that “On the 28th of March we’ve got a chance to change the political landscape in the seat of Lismore, and in the Northern Rivers, by electing a candidate who knows all about the evils of coal seam gas, a candidate who is committed to stopping Metgasco and any other mining company who wants to ruin our farmlands and our water supply”.In order to give the Greens the best opportunity to rid the Northern Rivers of one of the most ineffective representatives we’ve ever had in the NSW Parliament, make sure you vote 1 Adam Guise, number all the boxes, and put the LNP last.

Antony Green Explains The Polls And Where Liberal Voters Centralise

Mike Baird The Liberal Party Of NSW Current Ministry

The current Baird Liberal Ministry as it sits for the NSW Election

Full New South Wales Government Ministry List under Premier Mike Baird
The Hon Mike Baird MP (Lib)
Premier of NSW
Minister for Infrastructure
Minister for Western Sydney
The Hon Andrew Stoner MP (Nat)
Deputy Premier of NSW
Minister for Trade and Investment Minister for Regional Infrastructure and Services
Minister for Tourism and Major Events
Minister for Small Business
Minister for the North Coast
The Hon Andrew Constance MP (Lib)
The Hon Gladys Berejiklian MP (Lib)
Minister for Transport
Minister for the Hunter
The Hon Adrian Piccoli MP (Nat)
Minister for Education
The Hon Michael Gallacher MLC (Lib)
Minister for Police and Emergency Services
Minister for Industrial Relations
Minister for the Central Coast
The Hon Duncan Gay MLC (Nat)
Minister for Roads and Freight
The Hon Anthony Roberts MP (Lib)
Minister for Resources and Energy
The Hon Jillian Skinner MP (Lib)
Minister for Health
Minister for Medical Research
The Hon Prudence Goward MP (Lib)
Minister for Planning
Minister for Women
The Hon Bradley Hazzard MP (Lib)
Attorney General
Minister for Justice
The Hon Gabrielle Upton MP (Lib)
Minister for Family and Community Services
The Hon Katrina Hodgkinson MP (Nat)
Minister for Primary Industries
Assistant Minister for Tourism and Major Events
The Hon Kevin Humphries MP (Nat)
Minister for Natural Resources, Lands and Water
Minister for Western NSW
The Hon John Ajaka MLC (Lib)
Minister for Ageing
Minister for Disability Services
Minister for the Illawarra
The Hon Stuart Ayres MP (Lib)
Minister for Fair Trading
Minister for Sport and Recreation
Minister Assisting the Premier on Western Sydney
The Hon Victor Dominello MP (Lib)
Minister for Citizenship and Communities
Minister for Aboriginal Affairs
Minister for Veterans Affairs
Assistant Minister for Education
The Hon Robert Stokes MP (Lib)
Minister for the Environment
Minister for Heritage
Assistant Minister for Planning
The Hon Troy Grant MP (Nat)
Minister for Hospitality, Gaming and Racing
Minister for the Arts
The Hon Dominic Perrottet MP (Lib)
Minister for Finance and Services
The Hon Paul Toole MP (Nat)
Minister for Local Government
The Hon Jai Rowell MP (Lib)
Minister for Mental Health
Assistant Minister for Health

Remember at the NSW 2015 Elections put the Liberal/National Coalition Last and number every box.

If the people can get together to save the environment over a terrible issue like Coal Seam Gas and the corporate greed behind it, it will be just as easy for the people to stop the corruption within the NSW Parliament and spread that onwards to the rest of the States and Territories. Then the people can take on the Federal Government. It has been too long that government has stood over the citizens of Australia, too long that many people have suffered, some even having their families ripped from under them, never to see their children again.

Coal Seam Gas and a Green Revolution will see the two major parties once again become accountable. Australian’s do not want an undercurrent in society. We do not want to see politicians ignoring our questions, or turning away when we call for help and using excuses that we have all heard before to exclude themselves from major problems in our country by saying they are personal issues or private matters. The children of Australia and the families of Australia deserve so much more.

Let’s give the children that much, clean air, clean water, clean country and a family and a home. It is the basis of a functional society. The flow on affects from this investment will be multiple and perhaps the adults can retire a bit earlier than at 70.

I love a sunburnt country, a land of sweeping plains, of rugged mountain ranges…

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