Protesting Against Child Removals In Australia

Posted: March 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

What Does Sorry Mean? Sorry Means You Don’t Do It Again

These pictures were taken at the Brisbane National Day Of Action Against DoCS, in May 2014. There was a great turnout at this event with people from the Forgotten Australians Movement, The First Nations, and victims of the current Child Protection Industry walking together from Parliament House to the QLD Department or Community Services Head Office, with a police escort. Protesting is a great way to understand that you are not alone in the problems you are experiencing with the Child Protection Industry.

It is often a scary and unknown road you begin to travel when the Department of Community Services enters your life. The organisation is run in each State and Territory, but has a different name where ever you are living. When State Government changes hands, meaning Labor or Liberal Parties running the show, the name they give to themselves also changes.

Your child may have been stolen by NSW Department of Community Services (DoCS) or they may have been stolen by the NSW Department of Family and Community Services (FaCS) those names are never stable, but with either side of politics they claim that this is the Department for Child Protection. Most people feel as those their children have been kidnapped, and are left alone and distressed with no assistance from the department besides demanding phone calls, that require specific actions right away to engage with the service.

This causes many problems for people as there is never anyone in the job for long enough to actually care for the children who are really at risk and families can be caught up in the systems under various ministers for the lifespan of their fertile years and the lifespan of their children. The problems can and do become intergenerational.

Of even greater concern is the lack of professional standards regarding solicitors when you have a DoCS matter, the lack of Legal Aid assistance and the obvious problem that you are being assumed as guilty before any court case even starts because the children have been removed.

The Real Bravehearts.


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